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Discovering The Wholeness Of You is not a one size fit all process of healing, growing, empowering, or developing you.


It is a comprehensive series of methods that invoke the power of you individually because we are not all the same.


We are unique individuals! No two of us are alike!


We are all one of a kinds so methods, strategies, therapies, should vary as each person needs something slightly or greatly different to become as whole as possible and soar to meet their budding potential.


Here at Discovering The Wholeness Of You we offer you a variety of ways to reach and achieve the power you have to live life as joyously as you can.


We offer: Information – Techniques – Methods for the following:


  • Meditation
  • Body cleansing and excess weight release
  • Mind stimulation (focus development)
  • The power of color and chakra vibrations
  • Mantra Power
  • Vibration energy through sound and affirmation
  • Scent and Aroma power
  • Motivation Speakers on Healing, Cleansing, Love, Awareness, Exploring you gifts and attributes
  • Workshops and other events to be announced




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